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I am  KathyVonK, your sweet and full of joy girl next door which you will always find with a big, honest smile on her face. In Dutch “vonk” means sparkle and if you got to meet  me then you already know  that I’m the much desired flame of your heart, but if you didn`t you are in the right place. This blog is what represents me the most, I put all of my heart and feelings into it and I hope that you will love it just as much as I do.


You will also find here the other part of me, the erotic, the sexy one of a woman who knows her body and desires. My motto is that all women should act like ladies on the street but they have to leave all their misconceptions when it comes to private moments.


Don`t hesitate, join my world and you will be amazed of what awaits you inside. I create myself the VIP content for my joined friends and I am always thrilled to be in touch with you.


Hugs and kisses!

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Yes, nothing can stop me to make my dreams come true because I’m an ambitious woman and I never give up on my goals. Even sometimes I have moments of weakness, because first of all I am a human being with emotions, moods and fears, I always succeed to overcome them and to become even stronger that I was before, ready to reach my goals.


Nothing should stay between us and our goals or at least to never forget our purposes. If it happens to...


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